The most advantageous deals for the sale of resources for production often can be found in the other countries. The fact that the long transport and border crossings are present, imported raw materials could be better and cheaper at the same time for your business. We offer our services for the organization of imports of agricultural products and raw materials for production in the EU and around the world.

Combinations and packaging of walnut


Butterflies, Extra class — about even half of kernels. Butterflies are selected by hand, almost the entire party (about 95%) consists of the whole of butterflies, and the rest is half the size of two-thirds from the usual half.


Quarters, Extra class — a half of Butterfly. The selected weights of most (about 90-95%) of the particles have a size-quarter of 8-18 mm, the other 10% – large pieces of the kernels.


Bright and Amber Mix —is consists of Butterflies, quarters and pieces of walnut light (amber or light brown) color. In percentage terms nearly a quarter of the mixture is a Butterfly (half) and the rest quarters and large pieces.


Small pieces are a mixture of finely chopped walnut kernels. Dimension 4 – 6 mm. commonly used in the production of walnut oil, but is also suitable for cooking.


Flour walnut kernels — grinded crumb or even powder received by the treatment pieces smaller than 3 mm. Excellent for use in the confectionery business.


Walnut in shell — available in both calibrated and non-calibrated form. It differs by a lower price compared with other types of packing.

If you need help with the organization of import of large batch of high-quality walnut or other raw materials and agricultural products from abroad, please contact SMM S.R.L.!